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Major Canadian Telco


For the Telco to cache the application data between the mainframe Host and the workstation computers. To increase the speed of their data-caching system while reducing costs associated with per-transaction mainframe access. To assess browser-based applications versus traditional C++ applications.

Shamans Solution

To meet our clients demands by increasing the systems speed to a high speed data-caching system while reducing mainframe access costs. The highly configurable middleware caching application was designed to support multiple-buffer send and receive using Client/Server messaging between mainframe host and networked PCs. The system supports concurrent communication (multithreaded) with several application servers as an integral part of a functional layer between the mainframe Host and Workstation.

Also, after the development of that system, our consultants developed a CGI-based Web Server to host dynamic forms based applications, which gave them interactive capabilities. This is used to compare browser-based applications against traditional desktop applications.

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