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A Major Options Exchange


For the Exchange to acquire additional resources to transition from fractional trading to decimal trading and receive support/analysis for a handheld system.

Shamans Solution

Shamans Consultant coincided with the exchange's staff, whereby our consultants delivered high-end systems analysis, development, and maintenance.

In order for the exchange to have convenient reference material to their systems, Shamans developed a technical reference Intranet Website which it was extremely comprehensive, graphically oriented, and supported a Java-based search engine to retrieve details of system architecture, messaging (queue mapping), operations procedures, source code details and maintenance procedures with problem report/fixes/resolution logs.

With the highly publicized conversion of fractional trading to decimal trading, the exchange required system builds, UNIX code/script writing, bug fixes and software patches which had to take place within minutes of the bug discoveries. As always in our clients favor, we completed the task discretely and efficiently to our capabilities.

As the handheld system evolved to support decimals trading to over 1300 Market Makers, we provided software development, production support and system analysis which translated to quick, efficient diagnostics, bug fixes and problem resolutions to the server-side software.

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