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Major Canadian Financial Institution



To develop MONDEX-Enabled Internet-based Transaction Server Technology using XML and Open Trading Protocols (OTP).

For the bank to have a MONDEX smart card stored-value electronic currency technology integrated into Vending Machines.

Shamans Solution

To integrate MONDEX smart card technology, Head Office Card Configuration and On-Site Field Support applications had to be designed, developed, tested and deployed for a large client of the Bank. With the huge success of this project, our Consultants integrated the stored-value scheme into the bank's main financial services offering through Internet Server Technology. Leveraging from the institution's extensive Automated Banking Machine (ABM) network, this server had to be capable of performing intricate Workflow processing and implement Open Trading Protocol (OTP) for Internet-Based Payment, Withdraw, and Deposit of money. Upon completion of the project, it defined the leading edge of E-Commerce technology involving transmission of real currency across open Internet connections. This particular institution was the first in the world to handle secure third party OTP-compliant MONDEX electronic cash transactions over the Internet in this fashion.

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