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Software Development

We are a full-service software development company and will put our senior staff to the task to design and implement your solution.
If you require fulltime help, or are looking for resource consultants only, we can provide staffing according to your plan and budget and will work with your team or liason. Adding a value-added resource to your SCG project means adding a pre-screened and proven industry professional, then put them to the task to build your custom solution in a software development lab environment with the latest tools, hardware and access to peers throughout the project.
Consultant status reporting includes timesheet and progress at regular intervals.
Most projects will receive a System Survey, Technical Information Site, Research & Development Summary, and any other professional document requested based on captured project information. Code and document releases are provided through secure Virtual Private Network connection.
For Clients already invested in specific technologies, we can design and integrate to include other third-party middleware or licenced application library.
As per plan, we perform testing and log analysis to ensure algorithmic correctness.
We also provide dedicated testing resources to obtain specific certifications.

Value-added Services

Giving you good value for your money is the key to our business model. We offer on-site and off-site services which enable you to spend money only on what you need. There's no need to buy expensive development software, corporate workspace or invest in expensive hardware and human resources. We have all these facilities to offer you. When we build it at our shop, you will also get a price advantage.
Or if you prefer, you may receive top consultants at your place of business (or arrange to hire them directly) on your terms where you may benefit through the transfer of technology and methodology, the choice is up to you.

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